Lego DareDevil

Lego DareDevil

Lego Daredevil is the fourth installment of the AkashLegoProductions' Marvel Series and the sixty-sixth video uploaded to Akash's YouTube Channel. This video is about Daredevil's first mission as an Avenger. 

Video Description

Daredevil's dream seems to have come true. He's fighting alongside Captain America and Falcon taking down some Hydra thugs and he's quite good at it. He is one step closer to becoming an Avenger and the hero he's always wanted to be, what could possibly go wrong...


The video begins with Daredevil, Captain America and Falcon breaking into a Hydra facility and fighting the Hydra soldiers. Baron von Strucker jumps from a falling building and escapes from Cap, Matt and Sam. When the three are done fighting the soldiers, they split up and search the rooms in the facility.

Daredevil splits from the group and finds his first room. He kicks down the door to find Nova tied up and restrained to a chair. Nova mumbles and Loki knocks Matt unconsious. 

In an after credits scene, Loki ties up Daredevil and puts him beside Nova.