Lego Nova Extraction

Lego Nova Extraction

Lego Nova: Extraction is the third installment of the AkashLegoProductions' Marvel Series and the sixty-first video uploaded to Akash's YouTube Channel . This video is a direct follow-up to Lego Spider-Man: Web of Lies.

Video Description

Nova agrees to help Spider-Man rescue Aunt May and has been invited to join the Guardians of the Galaxy, but its not easy. Nova has to manage his time and make room for Peter, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Guardians, but with someone deadly out to get him, I don't see how that's possible...


(This story begins in Lego Spider-Man: Web of Lies)

The video begins with Agent Ward responding to a call from his boss, possibly Nick Fury, telling him not to let Spider-Man pass him and into the Quinjet hangar. Spider-Man enters and knocks Ward unconsious. Rocket Racoon stops Nova and talks to him, reminding him he's still a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova tells Rocket that he's busy helping Spider-Man currently and he's going to be late to a meeting with the Guardians and the Nova Corps. An agent walks into a room with Nick Fury standing in it. The agent informs Fury that there was an unauthorized takeoff from a Quinjet. A commander of the Nova Corps is speaking to the Guardians. Rocket informs the Nova Corps commander that Nova is running late.

Spider-Man and Nova arrive at the Boston A.I.M. Facility. Peter asks Doc Ock where he's put Aunt May. Nova uses a blast ray to blast M.O.D.O.K. down. Spider-Man begins to fight with the Super Adaptoid. Nova tells Doc Ock that he will open the containment cell with Aunt May captured in "or else". Doc Ock refuses so Nova pushes him away. Nova opens the cell himself. Spider-Man manages to fight off the Adaptoid as Nova opens the cell. Spider-Man nearly revealed his identity to May, but Nova tells him that she's unconsious from being in an air dense cell. Nova leaves the Facility. 

Nova arrives at the meeting with the Guardians and the Nova Corps. Loki falls from the ceiling and stabs a Nova Corps member to death. Nova becomes an official member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova gets a drink from a drink machine, unknowing of Loki, who's standing behind him with a metal pole. Loki knocks Nova unconsious and he falls to the ground. Loki drags Nova away from the drink machine and out of the frame.