Lego Spider-Man: Web of Lies is the first installment of the AkashLegoProductions Marvel Series and the fifty-sixth video uploaded to Akash's YouTube channel . The video is based on the character, Spider-Man, and his complicated life.

Video Description

Spider-Man has just about cleaned up his complicated life, when suddenly, he finds out his Aunt May has been abducted by Doc Ock himself. Peter finds himself stuck in a web of lies, and he's not sure who to trust anymore, as it is hard to tell lie from truth.


The video begins with Spider-Man in battle with Beetle. After Spider-Man thinks he has knocked Beetle unconscious, Spider-Man talks to his "imaginary audience". During that, Beetle gets up and pulls a gun out at Spider-Man. Nova flies into the battle just in time to stop Beetle from shooting Peter. The two talk for a few minutes, then Nova informs Spider-Man that Nick Fury wants to talk to him. Spider-Man tells Nova he doesn't have time to talk with Fury, because Aunt May is coming home from "her vacation".

Peter goes to The Daily Bugle, the place in which he works, to turn in pictures of Spider-Man to his boss, J. Jonah Jameson . Peter tells JJ that he has to get home before Aunt May gets home, forgetting the money that JJ was about to pay him with. Peter arrives at Aunt May's house, only to find Nick Fury, waiting for him in the dark. Nick tells Peter that he has some information about Aunt May. 

Peter and Fury are now in the Helicarrier. Nick reveales to Peter that Aunt May has been kidnapped by Doctor Octopus, and that he told Peter that she was on a vacation only for him to not worry and to give S.H.I.E.L.D. to find her. That makes Peter's anger grow even more. Nova and Rocket Raccoon enter the room. Nova awkwardly stops talking and looks at Peter. Peter's anger grows even more, so he asks Nick, what else has he been lying about, revealing that Iron Fist is dead and that Power Man has disappeared. Peter then decides that he should go on a mission to find Aunt May himself. Nova tells Peter that he knows where Aunt May, but he won't tell Peter unless he goes on the mission with him. Peter agrees to let him go. Nova tells Peter that May is being held at a A.I.M. facility in Boston, Massachusetts

Doc Ock asks M.O.D.O.K. if Beetle has reported to them. M.O.D.O.K. replies that Beetle may have to be "neutralized". Doc Ock reveals an invention that combines the forces of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America